Full Game Recap: Clippers vs Nuggets | Nikola Jokic Records 5th Triple-Double Of The Season

  • 5 months ago
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The Nuggets defeated the Clippers 121-100 tonight in Denver. Nikola Jokic secured his 5th triple-double of the season and the 21st of his career with 18 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists and 2 blocked shots, while Jamal Murray led all scorers with 23 points (10-16 FG) to go with 6 rebounds for the Nuggets. Lou Williams scored a team-high 19 points (7-15 FG) to go with 5 assists, while Tobias Harris totaled 18 points (7-15 FG), 11 rebounds and 4 assists for the Clippers. The Nuggets shot 50-99 (50.5%) from the field. With the win, the Nuggets improve to 28-12, while the Clippers fall to 24-17.

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  • First

    Venom Dex January 11, 2019 4:34 am Reply
  • Inb4 change of weird title

    SpanglishPR123 January 11, 2019 4:35 am Reply
  • Why does nikola jokic always look like he has a runny nose?

    Isaac Rulz CR YT January 11, 2019 4:35 am Reply
  • Since when did Nba start putting up 10mins long highlights lol?

    Rohan Chowdhury January 11, 2019 4:37 am Reply
  • Gettin lazy with the title I see

    Elijah P January 11, 2019 4:38 am Reply
  • NUGGETS NATION! Vote today is 2x

    Warpath Marshall January 11, 2019 4:47 am Reply
  • Jeez jokic chill boy! Another triple dub?!

    Aidan Hohmann January 11, 2019 4:53 am Reply
  • NBA trying shut MLG and XimoPietro highlights all the way the fuck down. Shoutout Adam Silver.

    Vaddy ! January 11, 2019 4:58 am Reply
  • That Jokic!
    First, out of this world baseball pass. As if things couldn't be better, he passes to himself off the board. Freakin' priceless.
    Best Center in the NBA.

    M Suda January 11, 2019 5:01 am Reply
  • I knew when Plumdog hit that hook that it was going to be a Nugs blowout.

    yuckydude1127 January 11, 2019 5:51 am Reply
  • Michael Malone sees Jokic as nothing more than “the seventh-best frontcourt player in the Western Conference,”–we could easily have lost this game. Kroenkes Out, Fire Malone!!!

    John Smith January 11, 2019 6:41 am Reply
  • Jokic was a 41st pick, just let that sink in…

    Boats_N_Hoe s January 11, 2019 6:41 am Reply

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